Friday, March 17, 2017

Mixed-Martial is My Skills

Hi guys ... Back again on my blog. In this post I'll tell you about my skills. Actually I do not know what expertise within me because of my ability still needs to be sharpened again. Regarding my ability. I can martial namely martial arts, in fact my ability not only martial but there are many more. Why I chose martial arts? because at the present time a lot of crime going on and I took the initiative to follow this martial with the aim to raise self-esteem,mental toughness training and more important to protect themselves from crime. I followed this martial has been two years, and even now I still pursue this martial. Pencak silat is a martial sport that requires a lot of concentration, not only in body work alone but also in a spiritual relationship which is closely related to Indonesian culture. In addition to bare-hand fighting, martial arts are also familiar with a variety of weapons. And shootouts that I've ever used is a stick or Toya and machetes.Besides, I also teach the students who participated this martial art. From small children to adults.

For beginners are taught all the basic stages such as horses, kicking techniques, punches, blocks, dodgery, catches, slam, if the body, as well as a series of basic steps of the college. To improve my skills, I will practice again by repairing and improving the speed, accuracy, agility and self-defense. To develop these techniques, I also have to regularly exercise in order to improve my skills.

So I created this post. Thank you for reading my post and we thank you also for visiting my blog. Hopefully my writing is a little or a lot can benefit us all.


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