Saturday, May 13, 2017

My future business

Hy guys, back again on my blog. On this occasion I will discuss about Future Business.

If I have to make a business, then I will choose to make a cake business. Why I choose to make business in the field of cake, because business opportunities in the field of cakes quite large. On a typical day the cakes are in production can be in accordance with the wishes of customers, if on Idul Fitri holidays, christmas, lunar and other cakes will adjust to the cake that often exist during the holidays. And the price of cakes in the feast day can jump up 100% because all the staple cake on the day also go up, but not harming the cake entrepreneurs because during this feast day cake entrepreneurs get lots of profit and turnover is very big day of appeal days.

Not only the holiday cake, there is also a wedding cake that can make a cake entrepreneur get a very big advantage because wedding cakes are usually ordered in accordance with the wishes of consumers, the higher the cake ordered higher also the price of the cake. Well the plan if the cake business that I run a lucky and succes, i will open branches in various places. Because I want a cake business that I run is known in various places. If I succeed with the cake business I have, not only I am proud but my parents, family, and friends. Hopefully my business plan is running smoothly and in accordance with my wishes for this.

Maybe just so much that I can share about my business plan in the future that will come. Thank you for your attention.


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