Saturday, March 4, 2017

Why I Continue My Study to University Level

My name Vironika Puspita Reni, usually my friends call me viron. I was born in Pontianak on January 24, 1999. I am the second child of three siblings. I live in the street Jeruju Kom Yos Sudarso Gg. New sugarcane. I have a hobby of reading novels and playing chess.
I'll tell you where I graduated from high school. I never went to school at SMK KOPERASI Pontianak for three years. After graduating from vocational school I decided to resume my education at the University Tanjungpura. In my SBMPTN test failed, and this failure does not make me desperate to go back to take the test independently. And the self-test, thank God I graduated.
I thank you if I am given the opportunity to be able to continue their education at the university headland temple. Hopefully at this university I could continue my education until the end of the semester later, despite many constraints experienced. I'll try to pass it. I am also grateful to my parents who have always supported and prayed for me until I can continue my education.With me continue my education at this university, I would like to improve their knowledge about science education. So after I graduated from this university I should be able to get a better job and make my parents happy with what I have achieved. thanks. And this is the reason I wanted to continue her education at the University.


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