Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ask an Expert

Hi guys ... Back again in my blog. In this post I'll tell you my interview with Mr. kamarusno about a company where he works

How long Mr. served as a manager?
Approximately 3 years

How impressions father against the manager's job?
Being a manager is a big responsibility

In your opinion, what is the manager?
The manager is someone who is assigned to memenej their resources, either human or other resources, to achieve a goal.

What skills must a manager?
The ability to set / memenej employees, the ability to complete the tasks which it is responsible, the ability to take a decision, as well as the ability to communicate.

Obligations and duties of what Mr have as a manager?
Complete all tasks assigned by the board of directors, in this case the organization bureau tasks and procedures, which is one of its tasks is to create a procedure and organization for all parts of the Company. Besides, it also must be able to organize the employees, as well as overseeing the work performed by them.

How does Mr. motivating of employees?
Pushing with providing training, reward / reward, as well as giving punishment.

How many types or kinds manager at PT. A B C ?
There are three levels of managers, the top one is the board of directors, which consists of several boards of directors, headed by major directors. Underneath is the bureau chief, department head, and there is also the head compartment. And at the bottom is the section chief and section chief.

Thank you for reading my post and I thank you also for friends who have visited my blog. Hopefully I can have a little or a lot of benefit to us all.


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